Hubei Lansun Biochemistry Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise developing, producing and selling chemical medicine preparation and API, focusing on: new drug research and development production of cardiovascular, Alzheimer’s, weight loss and digestive tract diseases.

  The company covers an area of 36000 m², the projectplanning includes two common API workshop complying with national GMP requirements, a sand jotham API workshop, a comprehensive preparation workshop and office, storage, water supply, power supply, sewage treatment and other auxilliary facilities, etc. It can produce 50 tons a year to traet cardiovascular diseases of alimentary canal, weight loss, active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates. Its annual out is about 300 million yuan.

  Lansun’s strong management system, and research and development team can not only provide you with high quality products, but also provide you professional solutions. We will continue to improve the sense of respionsibility of enterprises in the hope of creating a healthy and perfect life for patients together with you.